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Horoscopes with Friends by Moonit

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Friendships have their ups and downs -- now you can find out what to expect from all your friendships and family members based on your birthdays using Moonits Horoscopes with Friends, sent right to your phone and designed for iOS7!

Simply sign up via Facebook with 1-click ease -- No need to waste time creating an account or seeing annoying ads. Best of all, its 100% free!

Browse and add Facebook friends right inside the app to start getting horoscopes with your BFFs, close family members, classmates, co-workers and teammates.

Moonits astrological algorithm uses your birthdays -- including the birth month, day and year -- as inputs to perform a Transit Analysis, tracking the ongoing movements of the planets and their effect on your friendships.

Get alerted when your friendship dynamics change, and log in to read your updated horoscopes with all your friends each day.

"DAILY SUMMARY" BONUS: Moonit categorizes your horoscope readings according to three buckets or "zones" so you can see which friends are in your Happiness vs. Neutral vs. Clash Zone each day.

If any of your horoscopes or your daily summary for the day happen to be spot on, feel free to share them with your friends by email, text, Facebook or Twitter -- right from inside the app. 

With this knowledge you can find out who to hang out with and who to avoid every day of your life.


■ Youre starting at a new school or job.

■ Youre having some friend drama.

■ You’re picking a new roommate.

■ You’re at a crossroads in your career.

■ You’re just looking for guidance in your relationships with friends & family.


"Anyone around can see that the two of you make a terrific team right now. Youve got a great sense of timing and dont let your egos…"

"Dont even think about staying home today since you two both have your party shoes on…"

"Are you two even speaking the same language these days? Because it certainly doesnt feel like it…"

Brought to you by Moonit. Better Relationships Through Astrology.

**As seen on ABCNews, FOX, USA Today, Forbes, NYT, Reuters, BusinessWeek, Mashable, TechCrunch, Washington Post and Toronto Star.**

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